Source code for pip._internal.distributions.wheel

from zipfile import ZipFile

from pip._internal.distributions.base import AbstractDistribution
from pip._internal.utils.typing import MYPY_CHECK_RUNNING
from pip._internal.utils.wheel import pkg_resources_distribution_for_wheel

    from pip._vendor.pkg_resources import Distribution
    from pip._internal.index.package_finder import PackageFinder

[docs]class WheelDistribution(AbstractDistribution): """Represents a wheel distribution. This does not need any preparation as wheels can be directly unpacked. """
[docs] def get_pkg_resources_distribution(self): # type: () -> Distribution """Loads the metadata from the wheel file into memory and returns a Distribution that uses it, not relying on the wheel file or requirement. """ # Set as part of preparation during download. assert self.req.local_file_path # Wheels are never unnamed. assert with ZipFile(self.req.local_file_path, allowZip64=True) as z: return pkg_resources_distribution_for_wheel( z,, self.req.local_file_path )
[docs] def prepare_distribution_metadata(self, finder, build_isolation): # type: (PackageFinder, bool) -> None pass