Source code for pip._internal.distributions.sdist

import logging

from pip._internal.build_env import BuildEnvironment
from pip._internal.distributions.base import AbstractDistribution
from pip._internal.exceptions import InstallationError
from pip._internal.utils.subprocess import runner_with_spinner_message
from pip._internal.utils.typing import MYPY_CHECK_RUNNING

    from typing import Set, Tuple

    from pip._vendor.pkg_resources import Distribution
    from pip._internal.index.package_finder import PackageFinder

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class SourceDistribution(AbstractDistribution): """Represents a source distribution. The preparation step for these needs metadata for the packages to be generated, either using PEP 517 or using the legacy ` egg_info`. """
[docs] def get_pkg_resources_distribution(self): # type: () -> Distribution return self.req.get_dist()
[docs] def prepare_distribution_metadata(self, finder, build_isolation): # type: (PackageFinder, bool) -> None # Load pyproject.toml, to determine whether PEP 517 is to be used self.req.load_pyproject_toml() # Set up the build isolation, if this requirement should be isolated should_isolate = self.req.use_pep517 and build_isolation if should_isolate: self._setup_isolation(finder) self.req.prepare_metadata()
[docs] def _setup_isolation(self, finder): # type: (PackageFinder) -> None def _raise_conflicts(conflicting_with, conflicting_reqs): # type: (str, Set[Tuple[str, str]]) -> None format_string = ( "Some build dependencies for {requirement} " "conflict with {conflicting_with}: {description}." ) error_message = format_string.format( requirement=self.req, conflicting_with=conflicting_with, description=', '.join( '{} is incompatible with {}'.format(installed, wanted) for installed, wanted in sorted(conflicting) ) ) raise InstallationError(error_message) # Isolate in a BuildEnvironment and install the build-time # requirements. pyproject_requires = self.req.pyproject_requires assert pyproject_requires is not None self.req.build_env = BuildEnvironment() self.req.build_env.install_requirements( finder, pyproject_requires, 'overlay', "Installing build dependencies" ) conflicting, missing = self.req.build_env.check_requirements( self.req.requirements_to_check ) if conflicting: _raise_conflicts("PEP 517/518 supported requirements", conflicting) if missing: logger.warning( "Missing build requirements in pyproject.toml for %s.", self.req, ) logger.warning( "The project does not specify a build backend, and " "pip cannot fall back to setuptools without %s.", " and ".join(map(repr, sorted(missing))) ) # Install any extra build dependencies that the backend requests. # This must be done in a second pass, as the pyproject.toml # dependencies must be installed before we can call the backend. with self.req.build_env: runner = runner_with_spinner_message( "Getting requirements to build wheel" ) backend = self.req.pep517_backend assert backend is not None with backend.subprocess_runner(runner): reqs = backend.get_requires_for_build_wheel() conflicting, missing = self.req.build_env.check_requirements(reqs) if conflicting: _raise_conflicts("the backend dependencies", conflicting) self.req.build_env.install_requirements( finder, missing, 'normal', "Installing backend dependencies" )