Source code for pip._internal.models.selection_prefs

from pip._internal.utils.typing import MYPY_CHECK_RUNNING

    from typing import Optional
    from pip._internal.models.format_control import FormatControl

[docs]class SelectionPreferences(object): """ Encapsulates the candidate selection preferences for downloading and installing files. """ __slots__ = ['allow_yanked', 'allow_all_prereleases', 'format_control', 'prefer_binary', 'ignore_requires_python'] # Don't include an allow_yanked default value to make sure each call # site considers whether yanked releases are allowed. This also causes # that decision to be made explicit in the calling code, which helps # people when reading the code. def __init__( self, allow_yanked, # type: bool allow_all_prereleases=False, # type: bool format_control=None, # type: Optional[FormatControl] prefer_binary=False, # type: bool ignore_requires_python=None, # type: Optional[bool] ): # type: (...) -> None """Create a SelectionPreferences object. :param allow_yanked: Whether files marked as yanked (in the sense of PEP 592) are permitted to be candidates for install. :param format_control: A FormatControl object or None. Used to control the selection of source packages / binary packages when consulting the index and links. :param prefer_binary: Whether to prefer an old, but valid, binary dist over a new source dist. :param ignore_requires_python: Whether to ignore incompatible "Requires-Python" values in links. Defaults to False. """ if ignore_requires_python is None: ignore_requires_python = False self.allow_yanked = allow_yanked self.allow_all_prereleases = allow_all_prereleases self.format_control = format_control self.prefer_binary = prefer_binary self.ignore_requires_python = ignore_requires_python